Focused on client needs.

O ur group has specialized in providing value and specialized services to its clients with a high level of efficiency and quality.

Grupo Varela Cartera

Varela Cartera is a business group with an international presence founded in 1988 that offers solutions, services and products in various sectors: facilities, energy efficiency, IoT, renewable energies, systems automation, robotics, integral maintenance, etc. The group's growth has been based on a strategic diversification process initiated

by the different business units: installations, maintenance, automation, renewable energies and recharging equipment for electric cars. A second company, Sintega Telecomunicaciones, is part of the group, focused on the telecommunications sector. All of them created with the aim of serving our clients with specialization in the different activities demanded by the market.

Aceuve - El Grupo
Aceuve - El Grupo
Aceuve - El Grupo

Group divisions

Aceuve Allways on
Dedicated to the realization of projects and electrical installations, voice and data networks.
Integral maintenance of facilities: BT electricity, AT electricity, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, plumbing and sanitation, fire installation, locksmith, etc.
Company dedicated to the design and assembly of electrical panels and panels for the automation of processes and control of facilities.
Aceuve Allways on
Sintega is dedicated to the specialized installation and maintenance service I + M, and external plant facilities from the terminal box, or CTO, for different operators in Galicia.



Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Customer Orientation, Security, Flexibility, Proximity.


Being a group of companies of reference in the field of facilities and maintenance, versatile and with the ability to adapt to different customers and sectors that provide their customers with technological type improvements.


Execute facilities and quality maintenance services on time, adapting and anticipating the needs of customers.


The group's quality policy aims to respond to all the needs of its customers through services that strictly meet their requirements and quality needs.


Now we are


To be more efficient and give a better service, we have decided to merge,
Aceuve, Allways On.

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